Whether you’re a professional or a total beginner, our paint by numbers kit  contains everything you’ll need to create your own marvelous masterpiece. Unleash your crea8tivity!

**Designs not found in stores**

Only rule is the flow like water my friends. 



  • Comes in three Sizes: Regular - 16x20in / Small - 8x10in / Large 22x32in
  • 10 pack paint brushes 
  • Paint pots 
  • 1 8.5 in x 11 in printed picture of final painting 
  • 1 instruction sheet 
  • 1 reference sheet 

Why Paint by numbers?

  • Great Gift Choice:
  • Easy Painting Experience
  • Relaxing and Joyful:  
  • Crea8tive and Educational
  • The final result of each PAINT BY NUMBER available at CREA8TIVE DRIP will look exactly as the picture shown above.
  • Each canvas is put together stapled and ready to hang. All it needs if your touch.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jodi Duran
Great Gift!!

Bought Queen Nef for my mom for her birthday! She loved it and finished the painting in 2 days, everyone at her party was in love with it before it was even completed. Definitely going to buy more, might even do a paint by number party I see that they host them on the Instagram looks super cool! Wish I would’ve done that for my moms bday! But yes buy this product it’s amazing and worth every penny!

Rasheed & Lorraine
Great for a at home date night

So I ordered this as an idea for a date night for me and my hubby and let me tell y’all it was a GREAT idea!!
My boyfriend is always super busy and always on the go and this allowed him to just relax and focus on what was in front of him. He said it helped him just relax and focus on the moment in hand, to sum it up our date night that was overdue was soooo worth it after buying our crea8tive drip painting.
If your looking to bond and create an amazing experience and gain more quality time with your significant other I think buying these are a great idea or even if you just want to create something amazing that you can put in your home is a great idea.

Invest in yourself and your relationships, this is one of my best investments! ❤️

Linda Parkins
Super fun

It had vibrant colors and was easy to use. It was perfect for an at home date night!

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